Cache listing

On the left side with grey background :

Тип - the cache type

Класс - the cache class

Seasonal restrictions

КООРДИНАТЫ (WGS84) - coordinates

МЕСТНОСТЬ - region or province where the cache is hidden

БЛИЖАЙШИЙ НАС.ПУНКТ - closest locality

ОЦЕНКИ ТАЙНИКА - author's opinion of the cache difficulty and terrain (less is easier)

Visitor's rating and recommendations. Rating is shown as stars (more is better) and recommendations, if any, are shown as a thumb up .


Links under the dashed line :

ПАСПОРТ ТАЙНИКА - Cache passport shows a form for printing cache data

ЭКСПОРТ ТОЧКИ - Export shows a form for exporting cache coordinates to WPT, TXT or GPX formats


В ИЗБРАННОЕ - Add to favorites adds the cache to the list of favorite caches in your profile

GOOGLE MAPS - Google maps shows the cache on Google maps

СТРАНИЦА ДЛЯ КПК - Mobile page shows the listing in plain text format for mobile devices


Описание окружающей местности - Terrain description

In this section authors usually provide some information about terrain and cache surroundings or give historical references about an object a cache is devoted to. Mystery or puzzle caches may have a detective story here which you should solve.


Описание тайника - Cache description

This section describes how to get to the hiding place. Intermediate waypoints description may be given here for multi caches or question to answer for virtual caches. Also in the right side of this section you may find a photo of a final hiding place.

Интернет-блокнот - Online log

Select all log records

Clear selection

Print the log, including selected records only.

Log your visit

RSS feed of the online log

Send an answer to a virtual cache question to the cache authors or moderators

Add photos to the cache photo album

Rate the cache. 1 is the lowest rate which means "just an ordinary cache" and 5 is the highest which means "super! amazing!"

Recommend the cache. See details in FAQ

Report an issue to the cache author and moderators. Use it if you found the cache ruined by muggers or if you saw the evidence of some natural disaster, like fire or soil collapse. If you just failed to find the cache, report it in the online log.

Collapse all log records

Expand all log records

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