Welcome to Russian Geocaching Official Site!

Vast territories, plenty of sights. rich and varied nature make geocahing in Russia extremely interesting. Play and travel throughout Russia to see its ancient monasteries and churches, charming country estates and museums, high mountains and deep canyons and locate a hidden cache there!

Is it legal in Russia?

This is a FAQ. Geocaching is legal – there are no restrictions in GPS use in Russia. All types of GPS devices – traveler’s GPS (handhelds), car and cell phone GPS, etc. are available for purchase and use here. There are high quality GPS maps for all Russia’s territory, including detailed city maps.

Playing geocaching though, avoid attracting attention so as not to declassify the hidden cache or evoke suspicion of the passer’s-by or police – you might be taken for a spy! :-) You can’t make or seek for a cache near military objects/army units!

Is there any difference between Russian and “American” geocaching rules?

Generally, the rules are almost the same as those at geocaching.com. But the Russian game has some specific features that we hope every new user will respect.

1. Every Russian geocache is necessarily tied up with some place of interest. This turns geocaching from "pure" sport to a combination of adventure and sightseeing.

2. Russian climate is harsh in most parts of the country. In Moscow region, for example, traditional caches are usually covered with a thick snow carpet from December till March. During this period players are not recommended to locate such cashes, since the footprints on the snow may attract strangers to the game. Besides, the container might be damaged by frost, too. Please make your choice from variety of virtual caches (or traditional caches where a virtual question is provided).

Where can I get more info about caches in Russia?

Most of Russian cashes are not available at geocaching.com. About 8000 caches are described on this site. The complete Russian caches list can be found at https://geocaching.su/?pn=101 Here is the map of their location: https://geocaching.su/?pn=103 or https://geocaching.su/?pn=1031.

All descriptions are in Russian, so please make use of on-line translators, such as http://translate.google.com/#ru|en|. The translation may seem awkward or seem to make no sense at all, but it's enough to catch the idea.

How can I get advice or assistance?

In case you have any problems about geocaching in Russia and/or need help to pinpoint a cache, please contact the site administrator and he will redirect your message to the cache maker. You also can address for the help in a forum.

Enjoy geocaching in Russia!



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