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help send my geocache travel bug abroad
Пользователь: Garry Heilman (IP)
Дата: 11 сентября 2014 06:46

im in the process of talking to my brother who works in moscow and i have a geocaching travel bug that am asking him to take to russia for me and was hoping that i could find a fellow geocacher to pick the travel bug up from him for me and place it in a cache for me so i can track it back home to canada if you could email me at the_hobbit@shaw.ca my brother is in moscow right now and wont be home for 6 weeks and when he comes home i will talk to him and see if he will do this for me and if he is able to hope to have a person lined up to pick it up

thanks for reading this post and helping me with my travels

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  help send my geocache travel bug abroad 472 Garry Heilman 11.09.2014 06:46
  Вольный перевод просьбы 174 Jackie 11.09.2014 11:08
  Re: help send my geocache travel bug abroad 269 trich 11.09.2014 12:28

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